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We are a one-stop-shop for all your Facility Management Service requirements! We strive to provide a safe, secure and hygienic workplace at all point of time with our dynamic approach and responsive attitude to your facility needs.

Smart Work! We Get It Done.

We can get your company on the path to success with our dedicated professionals. We help you strategize, organize and globalize by duly performing front or back office duties and administrative functionalities flawlessly.

We Guard You Like Life. Feel It!

In a rapidly changing world, it is crucial to stay alert to avoid the risk of threats and menaces. We think out of the box and enforce a 360 degree approach in layering our security service and control risk management efficiently.

Clean & Tidy! We Keep It All The Time !

We aim to create a healthy and clean workplace that your employees and customers would love to be in.

Safe & Secure Environment! We Let it Sustain

We are all about making your building / commercial living spaces fully functional technically cleaner, greener and better. We ensure you have a delightful maintenance always.

All Under One-roof. Avail It!

At Unicare, we add value to our customers’ organization by letting them concentrate on their core business competencies while we manage and deliver a top-notch Integrated Facility Management services across India, creating a win-win situation! With over 12 years of domain expertise and in-depth understanding of industry standards and practices, we provide a complete solution to cater to the growing needs of organization.

Our integrated service delivery model includes a wide range of services such as FMS, Housekeeping Services, Security Services, Property Management Services, Office Support Services, M&E Services, Pest Control Services, Disinfection Services and Customer Support.

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Hunting the Best Facility Management Companies! Join Unicare to Get All

This is no time to think twice about selecting the best among other Facility Management Companies. Unicare can provide you all sorts of important services that you are desperately looking for in the market.

Things may get a little worse as you do not know how to handle all such responsible tasks on your own. This is obvious that you are made for doing such types of work at all. This is where you need our help. We know very well how to handle all such tasks.

People sometimes do not find it useful. They think Facility Management Companies can’t solve their issues with some necessary steps. Well, I suppose you might be wrong if you believe in this thought. Unicare facility knows its jobs and conducts some unique analytical surveys.

This survey takes place under the internal structure of the enterprise. People should know how we work. Your presence means a lot to us. We love to work with your presence as it can help you to verify all of our working details.

No Rush to False News! Go With Our Swift and Transformation Services

The Unicare facility provides some unique and analytical surveys that can help you with so many advantages. Users sometimes do not follow our method of work. Well, these methods are for your good.

You can get an exhaustive range of services from our end. Some necessary services are catering, security, housekeeping, pest control, engineering & maintenance, customer services, landscaping, and so on. We need to do all of these works in your favor. All of them can help you to build a strong belief in our work.

The place of Best Facility Management Companies is at the top. We lie much ahead of others. Our services can get you the comfort and advantages. Further, many happy faces are registered with our company as they have got the right services from the Unicare facility.

You need to select your required services or get the right services as per your building’s requirements. Our services may vary from place to place, and so as the pricing. However, we do not charge much for these works like others.

Different Technicians of Facility Management Companies have different working goals. Our goals are straight and for the benefit of all users. We respect the privacy and ambition of a client. That is why we do some measurable tasks before proceeding to the primary jobs. These things can get much worse if you do not offer the jobs to the right franchise. Each service from our side can make your building safe and secure. Our job is to find the right service so that no one can find any error within our system.

Why Do You Need Approved Services? What’s The Cost For Every Task?

Unicare facility is here to answer all of your questions. We know so well about how to handle all of our jobs. This makes us so special in this field. We work to gain the trust of our clients by providing some fine works.

Our workforce can handle all of your required works. We provide the best quality at a lower cost. Pricing of our services won’t be a major concern for a client. Every client can get premium and approved services without any error.

You can explore our services from our website. The entire work of our employees and our services are mentioned there. Clients should verify the details about any franchise before hiring. We also invite desperate users to opt for the same in our case.

You may find some Technicians of Facility Management Companies are very unusual. But in our case, this is completely different. We do not hire our human resources with casual choices. We do all necessary tasks to identify a person’s strength, behavior, and talent.

You will find zero percent of error in their work. We know how to manage our staves as well as our works. They both are connected. We do not need to avoid our errors as we want to do it all in front of your presence. So, you can trust us and our workforce. Several reasons are there that may raise doubts in your mind. Well, we are here to clear them all. Our bundle of services can get you out of the clouds of doubts.

No other franchise can provide the comfort and required services as we do. We know how to handle all of your works. Our prime objective is to find, avail the right place and make the right decision. We are operational in different cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi, and so on.

Clients hire us to get good service in return. We are here not to break their trust. The jobs of a facility management company ain’t easy. They take a lot of dedication and hard work to find out the error.

We always apply the solution against all the odds and eliminate them for the sake of our clients and our popularity. We do not want to prove our work to others. Our efforts and workings methods will explain everything to a client. Further, we are here to offer you the necessary help.

Certain jobs from our side are important in different cases. People should know how we work and what we can offer. We are not here to make business ordeals. We do not allow any filthy service. Our team of engineers will ensure safety for you.

We have kept our franchise to offer your help. Trust is our primary fact, as our services are the tokens of our hard work. Besides, the Technicians of Facility Management Companies work so vigorously to provide you the best output. We can aid you with the best workforce to complete your facility management. The engagement of our staves can do the trick for you and your premises.

People usually find this useful as we are here to provide high-quality materials to help you get rid of all problems. We know how to handle our things with ease.


What are the main components of facilities management?

The 4 main components of facilities management are Establishing processes, Facilities upkeep and improvement, Technology integration, Supporting people

How do you develop a facilities management plan?

The 5 steps to developing a facilities management plan are, Clarify Your Strategic Position,  Prioritize Your Objectives, Formulate A Strategy, Implement and Manage The Strategy & Monitor and Evaluate the Strategy

What makes a good facility manager?

A good facility manager is someone who can transform one of the largest balance sheet expenditures (facilities) into a strategic asset for business success. 

What are the techniques and strategies for managing facilities?

Some techniques & strategies for managing facilities are, implementing a sustainable facility design plan, cutting night site lighting, looking at your building’s insulation,

strategic sourcing approach to find the right suppliers for facility work, etc.

What are the 5 recommendations of ways to maintain the facility?

5 recommendations for maintenance are: Train Everyone on Sustainability Principles and Methods, Monitor Asset Performance, Embrace Preventive Maintenance, Think Smart, and Choose Environmentally Responsible Materials.

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