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As various virus threat approaches, it is very inevitable to take proactive measures to keep yourself and your workforce healthy. A workplace or living place becomes unhealthy and contaminated due to poor air quality or the environment with high traffic, people interaction, and activities. And also locations pack with objects and items that could potentially capture bacteria and viruses.

Higher Contamination Risk areas:

  • Canteen, Pantry, Food preparation and Serving area
  • Reception, Counter area and Work space
  • Meeting and Conference room
  • Production, Warehouse and Storage rooms
  • Gym, Mall, Commercial and Retail spaces

What we do?

We are Unicare Services a leader in southern India for property maintenance and extreme cleanups and repairs providing you everything from Biohazard and Disaster cleanup to fire, smoke, and mold remediation, we take our cleaning seriously. When thinking of preventing illness from a cleaning standpoint, often words that come to mind are “disinfect” and “sanitize”. The issue is that these words do have similarities but used for different applications.

Sanitization: reduces the overall pathogenic microbes on a surface, thus reducing the chances of getting sick.

Disinfection: Has a stronger effect than sanitizer on certain pathogenic microbes. Disinfectants require to dwell time effective against the microbes they advertise to drop. Additionally, disinfectants are effective on inanimate surfaces, but can often be weakened if contacted by organic matter.

Sterilization: The process of decontamination by utilizing a combination of chemical application, heat, and/or pressure to eliminate any and all pathogenic microbes on a surface.

There are many types of sanitation tools and equipment options in the market. Sanitizing solutions differ in terms of costs, convenience, contract complexity, the scope of work coverage and technical specialization. Unicare Services aim is to offer the peace of mind with assurance in terms of safety, efficacy, and credibility to our customers.

What sets us as professional disinfection specialist

  • We conduct proper Site Risk Assessment and Survey
  • We adequately dressed in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Quality Assurance and Microbiology teams in place
  • Inspection and monitoring
  • Any follow up or after sales support service

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