We aim to create a healthy and clean workplace that your employees and customers would love to be in.

Housekeeping Services

We aim to create a healthy and clean workplace that your employees and customers would love to be in.

Be it a small workplace or large enterprises, we are in for the challenge. Our well-trained house-keeping personnel ensure that the workstations and premises look great so that your employees and clients feel fresh and get incited to do more every day!

Workplace Cleaning

Entrance, reception area and foyer cleaning, Stair and elevator cleaning, Sweeping and mopping of the floors, Trash gathering, collection, removal and recycling, Wipe and disinfect door knobs, telephones and light switches, Kitchen and lounge area cleaning, Horizontal surface dusting, Floor dusting, wet mop and machine scrubbing, High dusting, Stripping and refinishing, Air condition vent cleaning, Restroom cleaning and disinfecting, Sanitizing all lavatory fixtures, sinks, partitions, walls, etc., Vacuuming & cleaning of light fixtures, baseboards, etc

Wash Room Service

Dust ceiling fans, wall ornaments, Dust air vents & baseboards, Remove lime, soap, mildew from Grout & Corners, Clean glass shower doors inside & outside, Mirrors & chrome fixtures cleaned & shined, Scrub/disinfect & dry sinks, Scrub and disinfect toilet both inside & outside, Vacuum rugs & return when floor is dry, Empty trash & replace bag, Clean tissue holder & towel racks and Vacuum & scrub/disinfect floor, including corners

Health care cleaning

We know how critical it is to maintain a clean, safe, healthy environment of care for both patients and staff members. That’s why we take a thorough approach to deliver the highest standards of clean every time we enter a healthcare facility. From medical offices to hospitals, we have the proper tools and expertise to provide consistent results that address your specific needs.

Industrial Cleaning

Floor Cleaning, Factory Inner & Outer Cleaning, Machineries under area cleaning, Oil & Grease Removal, Restroom Cleaning, Wastage / Garbage Removal, Glass Cleaning (6-Feet) and Cobweb Removing (6-Feet)

Cafeteria cleaning

Our crews are ready to provide the best in restaurant cleaning to make sure your kitchen and dining areas are clean, fresh, and ready for the next day. With professional restaurant cleaning services, your cooks will have a sanitized work environment and your guests an immaculate dining area. Unicare Services include: A superior and cleaner restaurant, from the kitchen to the dining area with a Dedicated and experienced staff for 24-hour operations support and measured inspections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of housekeeping?
We at unicare services, aim to create a healthy and clean workplace that your employees and customers would love to be in.
Why is housekeeping important?
Housekeeping services specialists do give you the right maintenance by removing lime, soaps, disinfecting the sinks with the help of a drier, and emptying the trash
How is unicare housekeeping services different from other services?
Unicare facility is the only housekeeping service in different cities of india. We provide all types of necessary housekeeping services to those who need them desperately. we know your requirements that is why we have come with all prepared
What are the services of unicare housekeeping?
Unicare housekeeping services provides floor cleaning, outer cleaning of the factory (inner cleaning included), garbage removal, glass cleaning, grease removal, bathroom cleaning, and many other kinds of cleaning.

Housekeeping Services

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At Unicare Services, we have a team of dedicated people who use cutting-edge tools and technologies to keep your business operating at its optimal capacity. We take pride in offering the facilities management services that keep you, your valuable customers, and your loyal staff safe and secure. Contact us now.

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