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Office Support Services

We can get your company on the path to success with our dedicated professionals. We help you strategize, organize and globalize by duly performing front office duties and administrative functionalities flawlessly.

It is vital how you carry out your daily operational functions from attending a phone call to being receptive of your company delegates at the front desk. They put forth a lasting impression about your organization and go a long way. We assist you by providing resources who understand what it takes to conduct a positive attitude and bear a pleasing personality across your customers. Also, we believe that delivering true advantage to your daily process can bring out cost reduction, improved productivity to your business and optimize efficiency.

We get you access to qualified professionals, system driven approach, qualitative audits for equipment’s, programs for employee retention, cost effective solutions to improve business revenue and yield better outcomes, practices for fostering enhanced client relationships and customer retention.

Office support staffs

Our organization is renowned for providing excellent Support Staff Services in order to improve the business results of our clients through people management interventions. Today outsourcing is a compelling strategic business tool, which can solve all problems of competitive strategies, core competencies, supplier alliances, and business process re-engineering. With the increasing advantages of the internet, outsourcing has become an easier and pervasive paradigm.This ensures the continuous use of external expertise by the organization in order to perform one or more specific tasks in the people management process.

Pantry services

Our Pantry services filled with experienced industry professionals also allow us to better manage places like guest houses, where our staff can be placed 24 hours a day. In our Pantry services, the personnel is educated and trained to handle tasks that are related to the day-to-day operations of the pantry. Some such basic tasks include handling vending machines, dishwashing machines, and various other mechanical gadgets frequently used in the pantry. They also lay due emphasis on the hygiene of all the utensils.

Payroll management

We offer end-to-end payroll processing services through a state-of-the-art, web-enabled payroll solution with a special focus on security and confidentiality management. We provide a one-stop-shop for managing end-to-end payroll services of local employees and expats, handling tax and statutory compliances, labor compliance, and payroll consulting services for our clients. We provide a Consolidated payroll process for local and ex-pats which is Scalable and seamless operation along with Standardised, simplified and automated payroll process, Meeting tax, and statutory compliances.

Front office management

We have an in-depth understanding of the industry domain. Our Front Office management services are designed to efficiently manage the lifecycle of our clients’ customers. We offer a profitable transformation solution that enables our clients to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and working capital management, expand margins, and reduce churn. In addition, clients across various sectors have experienced improved competitive differentiation using our Front Office management services.

Mailroom management

We perform In-bound Mail Management, Out-bound Mail Management, Vendor Management, MIS and Reporting, Pre-processing of Mails for the clients seeking the service. We have a crew of trained manpower with completely automated mailroom with incoming data capture & email intimation to mail recipients. Our Technology initiatives on proof of delivery, record & capture. Substantial savings on mailing costs with Optimal near-zero error processes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the need for office support services?
We, at unicare services, can get your company on the path to success with our dedicated professionals. we help you strategize, organize and globalize by duly performing front office duties and administrative functionalities flawlessly
What are the different office support services?
These are the different office support services: office support staff, pantry services,payroll management,front office management & mailroom management services.
What will unicare office housekeeping services offer?
Unicare office housekeeping services offers: workplace cleaning, washroom services, health care cleaning, industrial cleaning and cafeteria cleaning services.
What is the objective to choose disinfection services?
It is just not the threat of the virus, but a few more issues might challenge your health in a workplace and living room. The vacuum becomes unhealthy and contaminated because of not-so-good air quality, which can cause many respiratory problems – the highest peak to get in touch with various gases is congested traffic, human interactions, and activities.
Facility Management Services in Bangalore

At Unicare Services, we have a team of dedicated people who use cutting-edge tools and technologies to keep your business operating at its optimal capacity. We take pride in offering the facilities management services that keep you, your valuable customers, and your loyal staff safe and secure. Contact us now.

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