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We can get your company on the path to success with our dedicated professionals. We help you strategize, organize and globalize by duly performing front or back office duties and administrative functionalities flawlessly.

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In a rapidly changing world, it is crucial to stay alert to avoid the risk of threats and menaces. We think out of the box and enforce a 360 degree approach in layering our security service and control risk management efficiently.

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We aim to create a healthy and clean workplace that your employees and customers would love to be in.

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We are all about making your building / commercial living spaces fully functional technically cleaner, greener and better. We ensure you have a delightful maintenance always.

Security Services in Bangalore

Concerned about potential break-ins, vandalism, or unauthorized access? Rest assured, Unicare Security Services is here to help you out. We recognize the importance of protecting your belongings and creating a safe space. Our security guard services are tailored to cater to your unique requirements, offering you assurance and 24/7 security. 

Our highly trained and experienced guards are dedicated to ensuring the safety of your residence. With specialized training to meet the unique security needs of your area or premises, our security personnel are equipped to provide exceptional protection. 

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What is Security Services?

Security services play a necessary role in maintaining safety and security by offering entrance and exit screening, personal and property protection, emergency rescue and management services, security patrols, as well as system monitoring. They can be armed or unarmed, stationary or mobile, uniformed or non-uniformed. Security Services in Bangalore are provided by trained personnel to address security needs that cannot be managed solely by other systems.

Additionally, they may conduct surveillance operations to control access points while ensuring top-tier customer service to foster a secure environment for clients and the public. With their expertise in security protocols, along with strong communication skills and conflict resolution techniques, security guards play an integral role in deterring crime and upholding peace across diverse settings, including residential complexes, commercial establishments, events, and public spaces.

Types of Unicare Security Services in Bangalore 

  • Office Security Services 

We specialize in delivering comprehensive office security and safety management services. Our approach combines strategic security planning with cutting-edge technology and a highly skilled workforce, all supported by compliant processes. This ensures that your workspace remains secure at all times, providing you with the peace of mind to focus on your work without any concerns about safety or security.

  • CCTV Surveillance Services 

At Unicare Security Services Bangalore, our team delivers top-notch surveillance services for CCTV cameras installed across your premises. Our security personnel boasts extensive expertise in the latest CCTV technologies, ensuring proficient operation, monitoring, and secure footage storage from every camera angle.

  • Fire Fighting Service 

Every commercial and industrial facility must ensure compliance with the Regulatory Reform of Fire Safety. Hence, we provide an expert and responsible team to develop and execute the required fire safety procedures for your business. This includes installation, maintenance, and monitoring of fire safety equipment, conducting safety drills, as well as testing and maintaining fire evacuation procedures.

  • Safety & Security Drill 

In ensuring proper safety, detailed planning, coordination of multiple elements, and swift rescue actions are crucial. With our vast experience in executing fire safety drills, we guarantee prompt assistance for you and your belongings during emergencies. Regular scheduling of these drills prioritizes the safety of your facility or residence while minimizing potential risks related to fires or safety issues.

  • Factory Security Service 

Incorporating modern technology has significantly revolutionized the protection of business facilities and assets. Our unique approach focuses on enhancing this process by integrating human involvement into your factory safety strategy. As the best security services in Bangalore, our team of skilled security guards excels in monitoring and patrolling, guaranteeing comprehensive safety for industrial factories. We are committed to delivering optimal safety across all aspects – from supervision to prompt guarding.

Benefits of Unicare Security Services in Bangalore

  • Highly Professional Service 

Unicare Security Service Company is known for its well-trained and experienced security personnel who consistently exhibit professionalism in their behavior and performance of their responsibilities. 

  • Complete Reliability 

Our team places a high priority on reliability and consistency in our operations. We ensure round-the-clock surveillance, prompt emergency response, and strict security protocol adherence. These measures are crucial in safeguarding the well-being of individuals and protecting valuable assets. 

  • Personalised  Security Service Plan 

The Unicare team works closely with our clients to develop personalized security strategies that tackle their individual risks and worries, ensuring thorough security for their properties.

  • Complete Customer Satisfaction 

Our firm’s unparalleled commitment to complete customer satisfaction and extensive industry experience are the cornerstones of our work. These fundamental aspects position us as one of the top Security Services in Bangalore. 

Summing It Up 

As a leading security agency in Bangalore, we are committed to providing premium security services to diverse clients. Our offerings include Corporate Security Guards, Residential Security Guards, Unarmed and Armed Security Guards, Electronic Surveillance Services, and Event Security Guards of the highest quality.

At Unicare, we take pride in offering the best security services in Bangalore, catering to the needs of residents, corporations, manufacturers, retail, healthcare sectors, and more, with a comprehensive security guard solution.

How to Book Online for Security Services in Bangalore?  

To enlist the services of Unicare Security, kindly fill out the form with your precise requirements. For additional support, you can contact the team at +91 96770 88801 or email your inquiries to sales@unicareservices.in

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you also provide your security services for offices?

We offer top-notch security services to a wide range of clients, including offices, homes, and factories. Our comprehensive solutions ensure safety and peace of mind for all our clients, regardless of location or security needs. 

How can I contact the Unicare team for security services?

You can reach out to our team by filling out the form or sending us the query mail to sales@unicareservices.in 

Are your security services supervised?

Yes, our security officers are closely supervised to ensure optimal performance. Unicare implements a comprehensive supervision system to oversee officers’ activities, protocol adherence, and incident response. This regular supervision promotes accountability, upholds professionalism, and ensures that the security team operates at its best to create a secure environment for our clients. 

Do you provide 24/7 assistance to the clients?

 Our security service company offer around-the-clock support to ensure our clients receive continuous and effective assistance. Customers can reach out to us for support at any time by contacting us at +91 96770 88801.

Are your security guards armed or unarmed?

We provide a range of security options to safeguard your property from theft, vandalism, and break-ins. The choice between armed and unarmed guards depends on your premises’ specific threat level and protection needs. In high-risk settings such as banks, armed guards are indispensable due to the elevated risk of intrusion. 

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