Old Bangalore is home to a fascinating array of majestic bungalows and charming colonial houses, exuding a captivating vintage charm. Older buildings have a unique charm that effortlessly takes us on a journey through time. Whether a majestic Victorian home or a storied commercial building, each structure is a living testament to the past. However, along with their rich history, these architectural gems often harbor pests that have adapted and thrived over the years. 

Preserving and protecting them from pest infestations requires a delicate balance between maintaining their authentic value and implementing effective pest control measures. In this insightful blog, Unicare Services, a leading provider of pest control services in Bangalore, offers essential restoration tips to safeguard the history and maintain pest-free older buildings while addressing all pest control challenges. 

Top Restoration Tips For Maintaining Pest-free Old Buildings 

  • Seal The Various Entry Points 

To effectively prevent pests from entering the building or home, it’s crucial to thoroughly inspect for any gaps, cracks/holes that could serve as entry points. Take care to seal these openings using appropriate materials to ensure that pests cannot gain access. 

Additionally, it’s important to seal off all entry points and hiding spots for pests. For example, caulking cracks around cabinets and baseboards and utilizing steel wool to fill gaps around pipes can effectively deter pests. Covering any remaining gaps with wire mesh can provide additional protection. 

  • Repair the Leaks Effectively 

Address any plumbing leaks promptly to prevent moisture buildup, as it can attract pests such as termites and cockroaches. You can effectively prevent pests from establishing themselves in damp areas by promptly fixing leaky pipes and ensuring proper drainage. It’s important to repair any leaky pipes to prevent water from accumulating in the house. Also, avoid allowing water to pool in trays under houseplants or refrigerators, as this can create an attractive environment for pests. 

  • Make Use of  Integrated Pest Management Practices 

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a comprehensive strategy for pest control that prioritizes long-term prevention and employs eco-friendly methods. This approach is especially suitable for older buildings because it emphasizes identifying the underlying cause of the pest problem and implementing precise solutions. 

You can employ the following IPM techniques: 

  • Traps and bait arrangements in homes to capture rodents and insects.
  • The introduction of natural predators, like ladybugs, keeps the pest population in check. 
  • Installation of monitoring devices to detect pest activity early. 
  • Educate the old building’s occupants about the prevention of pests. Hence, it helps maintain a pest-free environment. 


  • Execute Regular Inspections of the Building to Keep it Safe. 

Taking care of routine maintenance work, such as gutter cleaning, roof inspections, and yard maintenance, is crucial for keeping the exterior of a home well-maintained and preventing pest problems from developing. It’s also important to schedule regular pest inspections by professionals with experience, like Unicare Services, in dealing with historical buildings, as early detection can prevent pest issues from escalating. 

By implementing a schedule for these maintenance tasks and inspections, you can ensure the preservation of old buildings and create a healthier living environment for all residents. 

  • Take The Help of Professional Service Provider 

While implementing the above-mentioned measures can help decrease pests’ presence in your residence, complete elimination of pests may require professional assistance. Engaging with Unicare pest control services in Bangalore can effectively address the issue. Our experts are extensively trained and employ proven chemicals and techniques to safeguard the well-being of you and your loved ones.

Unicare Services – Your Partner in Maintaining Your Residentials Pest-free 

Unicare Services‘ innovative approach to pest control establishes it as a comprehensive solution for all your cleaning, maintenance, and repair requirements. Headquartered in Bangalore, the company delivers high-quality pest control services at affordable rates. 

Our professionals are committed to using safe pesticides, disinfectants, and other verified chemicals, ensuring the utmost safety for your family and pets. Our new-age pest control measures are comparatively safer and less harmful when used in recommended quantities. 

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