Are organic pest control services in Bangalore more effective than conventional methods?

Pests can bring major inconveniences to our day-to-day lives and can cause significant damage to our property. From birds and insects to rodents, mice and other creatures, pests can create a lot of havoc if not taken care of in a timely manner. Unicare Services is a renowned company which provides pest control services in Bangalore that offers safe, pocket-friendly services for pest control. The team first examines the premises to understand its structure and then implements the best methods for pest control

However, With the increasing pests, people also tend to find different alternatives to control them. One such way is the organic pest control materials, which are useful in eradicating pests. 

What are Organic Pesticides? 

Organic pesticides are made from all-natural ingredients that effectively eliminate unwanted pests. They are harmless to both people and animals. Organic pesticides are better for the environment than conventional ones. These pesticides are designed to eliminate insects, weeds, fungi, bacteria, and other unwanted organisms. They find widespread application in agriculture, gardening, landscaping, and the elimination of pests, by various pest control services in Bangalore. 

Additionally, they pose less of a threat to human health than traditional pesticides. Most organic pesticides, also known as botanical pesticides, are derived from plants, and as a result, they will not irritate your skin or eyes. These are utilised in the natural management of pests. These pesticides derived from natural sources do not include any harmful ingredients and are beneficial not only to people’s health but also to the health of animals.

Top Organic Pesticides To Use For Pest Control 

  • Lemon juice 

You may eliminate ants by combining water and lemon juice in equal parts. After that, soak cotton balls in the solution and position them close to the anthills. The citric acid in lemon juice harms pests, such as fungi and insects.

You can use crushed lemons or oranges to ward off fruit flies by sprinkling the resulting powder around your kitchen.

  • A spray of  Ginger, Garlic, and Green Chili. 

Take 18 grammes of garlic and peel off the outer layer. Make a paste by pulverising 9 grammes of green chilli and 9 grammes of ginger. Combine all three pastes with one litre of water and stir until smooth. 

The extract is ready for use as soon as it has been prepared, but it can be kept in the fridge for at least 3 days. It is possible to make a spray out of the extract, and the concentration of the spray can be altered to correspond with the severity of the pest infestation.

  • Neem oil 

The seeds from the neem tree are the source of this oil. Tannin and saponin, two of their constituents, are effective insecticides. Since ancient times, people have relied on neem oil to remedy many insect and rodent problems. 

Insects such as mosquitoes, flies, ants, cockroaches, and termites can be eliminated with the help of a sticky resin called azadirachtin, produced by the neem tree. Neem oil can also be utilised as a natural insecticide, particularly effective against whiteflies, mites, and aphids. It is a type of pesticide that is widely used.

Organic Pesticide Vs. Conventional Methods of Pest Control Services

It is seen that organic pesticides are used in organic farmlands because of their effective properties. All the aforementioned organic pesticides are useful in eradicating pests, such as mosquitoes, fungi, mites, whiteflies, etc., when the infestation is of low level and less harmful. 

But, if the pest infestation is causing havoc to the buildings and harming the humans living there, you need to employ conventional pest control services in Bangalore

Conventional pest services are faster to use than organic pesticides because they work more quickly. The conventional pest control services in Bangalore, like Unicare Services, follow a strict pest control protocol: 

  • The team first analyse the whole scenario of the pest infestation in the building/facility.
  • The whole team of Unicare Services – pest control services in Bangalore is licensed and seeks permission before executing the exact pest control measures. 
  • Following this, the team determines the method of pest control which is usually IPM (Integrated Pest Management). This takes control of all kinds of pests infecting your homes or offices. 


Generally, conventional methods are far more effective than organic measures. However, organic methods are sustainable but lack faster effectiveness. At the same time, the conventional pest control services in Bangalore from Unicare Services provide the complete pest control remedy with less harmful materials in an affordable range. 

We are passionate about providing timely, safe and pocket-friendly priced services, no matter how minor or major the job is. Ultimately, we are dedicated to providing the best reliable pest control service to keep you safe and pest-free. 

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