Planning an event can be an overwhelming task, even for the most experienced event planners. From selecting a venue and coordinating logistics to arranging speakers, food, and drinks, there are countless factors that need to be taken into consideration. When it comes to large events with thousands of attendees, the pressure to deliver a flawless experience can be immense. However, amidst all the excitement and anticipation, event planners often overlook one critical aspect: security. With so many people in attendance, it’s important to anticipate and mitigate any security risks. That’s where professional security services like Unicare come in. Read on to learn more about event security services in Chennai

Why Hire Security Guard Services: Benefits and Advantages

Increased Safety and Security:  By hiring security guard services, you can ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone attending the event. Trained security personnel can monitor the event premises and identify potential threats or suspicious activities to prevent any incidents.

Deterrence of Potential Threats: The presence of security guards can act as a deterrent to potential threats, such as theft, vandalism, or terrorism. This can help prevent unauthorized access to the event premises, protect the attendees, and maintain order and control.

Professional Handling of Emergencies: In case of any emergency, such as a medical emergency or a security breach, trained security personnel can handle the situation professionally and quickly. They can provide first aid, control the crowd, and coordinate with emergency services to ensure minimal damage and risk to attendees.

Peace of Mind for Event Organizers: By hiring security guard services in Chennai, event organizers can have peace of mind knowing that the safety and security of the attendees are being taken care of. This allows them to focus on other aspects of the event, such as logistics, guest management, and entertainment.

Event Security: Which Service Suits Your Needs?

Uniformed Security Guards: These guards are highly visible and can deter potential threats by their presence alone. They are trained to handle any situation that may arise and are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment.

Mobile Patrol Security: This service involves a team of security professionals who patrol the event premises on foot or in vehicles to ensure that there are no breaches in security.

Event Access Control: This service ensures that only authorized personnel are allowed to enter the event premises. Unicare’s security professionals are trained to handle the latest access control technologies.

Best Practices for Event Security Preparation

Hiring Qualified Security Professionals

The first step in ensuring event security is to hire qualified security professionals. Unicare’s security professionals are trained and certified to handle any security-related issue that may arise during the event. They are well-versed in the latest security protocols and techniques and are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to handle any situation.

Setting up Security Protocols

Setting up security protocols is essential to ensure that everyone attending the event is safe. This includes creating an emergency response plan, setting up secure access control measures, and training your security personnel to handle emergencies.

Making the Right Choice: How to Hire the Best Security Guard Service

Look for a reputable security services provider: Choosing a reputable security services provider is essential when hiring security guards for events. Check their website, read reviews and testimonials, and ask for references from previous clients to gauge the quality of their services.

Ensure that the security services provider is licensed and certified: In Chennai, it is mandatory for security service providers to be licensed and certified to provide event security services. Therefore, verify the company’s credentials and ensure they are authorized to operate as a security service provider in Chennai.

Ask about the experience and training of their security personnel: The experience and training of security personnel play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of your event. Ask the security services provider about the experience and training of their security personnel to ensure that they are adequately prepared to handle any security issues that may arise.

Ensure that the security services provider is insured: It is vital to ensure that the provider is insured and can provide liability coverage in case of any incidents. This will protect you from any legal or financial liabilities that may arise due to security-related incidents during the event.


In conclusion, ensuring event security is an essential aspect of event planning. Unicare Services professional security services in Chennai can help you ensure the safety and security of your event. From trained security professionals to setting up security protocols, we can take care of everything. By hiring our services, you can focus on the event while we handle the security aspect. Additionally, our experience and expertise in the field ensure you can enjoy a hassle-free event.

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