If there is one thing that ensures you get to sleep soundly, it is the knowledge that you are safe. Whenever you have to leave your house, you can go out with a clear head if you have the assurance your home will remain secure in your absence. Chennai is a busy city, so the thought of your safety is always looming over you. Unicare Services offer you the assurance and security you need.

With their trained and highly qualified security guards, Unicare Services provide the best security guard services in Chennai. They make sure you and your property remain safe, secure, and unscathed 24/7. While you can find many security services in Chennai to keep you safe, you should hire the best and only the best services. It would be best to never compromise on your safety, and Unicare Services promises to deliver you that security.

You are in the Safest Hands

Unicare Services make sure their employees are given the best training to handle different kinds of situations and problems they may face. Their ability to tackle extreme work conditions and keep you safe with effectiveness and swiftness makes them the most trusted security guard services in Chennai.

Apart from rigorous and thorough training, Unicare Services also instruct their security services to:

  • Never leave a client’s property unattended
  • Protect the client and their premises 24/7
  • Routinely monitor the CCTV cameras
  • Keep a check on the employees on their team
  • Always be on the alert to detect intruders or threats

It is crucial to know who you are hiring, and Unicare Services conduct a thorough investigation to ensure they hire the best security guards you can trust to keep you safe and secure.

Unicare Services follow high safety protocols before forming their security services team, such as running a deep background check on all their employees. They only hire security guards with a clean track record and check for their:

  • Identity Proof (for example, PAN card, Aadhaar card, driving license, etc.)
  • Educational qualifications
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Character certificate
  • Previous job experience

Unicare Services promises to deliver the best and most premium security guard services as per their clients’ needs, demands, and requirements. They do not form any biases or follow any hierarchy and prioritise each and every client’s safety. They ensure their employees are trustworthy and give them the best training to ensure they are well-equipped to take care of you, your premises, and themselves.

With their over-the-top services, Unicare Services make sure you can relax or sleep with a clear mind. With Unicare Services, you will not have to worry about leaving your house because their security guard services will protect and guard your home in your absence. Your security should be your topmost priority, and Unicare Service’s security guards ensure your safety is their utmost priority as well.

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