Are you a property owner in Greater Hyderabad? Whether you own a piece of land or an apartment, it’s important that you stay aware of the various legal obligations associated with it, including the house tax that needs to be paid to the GHMC. Understanding the ins and outs of the GHMC property tax system is important for any property owner so that you can save yourself from possible legal troubles down the road. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the specifics of the GHMC property tax system to ensure that you, as a property owner in Hyderabad, are fully up-to-date and how property management services in Hyderabad can help.

What is GHMC?

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is an important part of the socio-economic infrastructure of the capital of Telangana. As one of the biggest municipal corporations in India, it collects annual residential and non-residential property tax from its residents. Beyond financial responsibilities, GHMC also significantly provides the city and its residents with essential services such as road repair, sanitation, and important recreational facilities. As such, GHMC’s ability to fulfill its objectives is central to the success of Hyderabad.

Property Tax Payment: A Civic Duty for a Prosperous Community


1. Legal Obligation

Paying property tax is a legal obligation, and non-payment can lead to fines, penalties, and even legal action.

2. Funding Public Services

The revenue collected from property tax is used to fund public services like schools, hospitals, roads, and public safety. Thus, paying property tax ensures that these services are adequately funded and maintained.

3. Maintain Property Value

Timely payment of property tax is also essential for maintaining the value of the property. The tax paid helps keep the property well-maintained and improve its value over time.

4. Enhance Creditworthiness

Regular payment of property tax reflects positively on the creditworthiness of the property owner, which can help obtain loans and other financial benefits.

What is PTIN?

You may be familiar with property tax, but have you ever heard of a PTIN number or Property Tax Identification Number? It’s a unique 10-digit identification number (or 14 digits for older properties) that you receive from the municipal corporation authorities when you own a property. This number is used to pay your property taxes.

Why Property Tax Management Can Be Tricky [H2]


1. Lack of Awareness

For many property owners, their lack of understanding of the property tax system can cause major complications. For example, without an understanding of important topics such as assessments, exemptions, and deductions, it can be difficult to effectively manage property taxes, which may lead to overpayment or even tax penalties.

2. Incorrect Assessments

With a lack of knowledge of the system, property owners may be unaware of how the assessed value of their property is calculated. This can result in incorrect assessments, resulting in major losses for the property owner. Additionally, incorrect assessments can lead to legal issues and potential lawsuits.

3. Difficulty in Filing Returns

Filing property tax returns can be a complicated and tedious process. Even when the assessment is correct, most property owners may be unable to complete the filing return correctly or on time. Late payment penalties or interest charges can be a costly mistake.

Take Control of Your Property Taxes with Property Management Services in Hyderabad


1.Property Tax Audits

Property management services in Hyderabad will often assist in auditing their clients’ rental properties, ensuring all of the financial records that influence their taxes—such as rent income, property ownership, and past tax records—are accurate and up-to-date.

2.Property Tax Advice

Experienced property managers will be able to provide insights on how to manage and reduce property taxes. They can advise on which deductions to claim and how to reduce the burden of tax assessments.

3.Property Tax Filing

A property management team will have the experience and expertise to help ensure that all returns are filed correctly and on time. In addition, they can tackle any complex tax issues, such as discrepancies between reported income and deductions, solving them quickly and accurately.

Having professional and experienced property management services in Hyderabad handle your property taxes can take a huge burden off your shoulders and help keep you in good standing with the law. These simple measures will ensure your bottom line isn’t impacted by costly mistakes.


Property tax can be a complex and confusing process for any property owner. Unicare Property Management Services in Hyderabad can help alleviate the burden, providing professional services to ensure property taxes are accurately assessed, recorded, and paid on time. Unicare Services can provide the experience and expertise necessary for property owners in the Hyderabad area to effectively navigate the complexities of managing and paying property taxes.

We hope this has been a helpful guide to understanding how property tax works and the benefits of turning to Property Management Services in Hyderabad. Managing and paying property taxes is a necessary part of property ownership, and partnering with the right professional services can go a long way toward meeting obligations and avoiding penalties.

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