With 928 MNCs, at least 1,700 startups, and more than 60,000 IT companies, Bangalore is India’s most promising employment destination. However, statistics are not the only things that lure people to Bangalore’s companies. An often overlooked aspect of a successful corporate and a satisfied workforce is cleanliness. Unicare offers first-class housekeeping services in Bangalore that impact corporate employees’ physical and mental well-being. Here’s how.

Creating Impeccable Impressions

When employees and clients walk into your workplace, they feel good when things look good. Supplies in their proper place, clean floors, and pleasant air foster positive impressions in addition to engaging conversations and insightful boardroom meetings. An organised and professional office appearance will create a comfortable environment for a memorable experience. Professional housekeepers take full responsibility for the upkeep of the premises to make people eager to come to work or for visits.

Improving Health

As employees spend at least eight waking hours in the workplace, they are bound to use the restrooms, the coffee machine, and the dustbins. Unsanitary toilets breed germs, food and drink spills attract ants and flies, and overflowing rubbish is unsightly. Housekeepers maintain a high standard of cleanliness in shared spaces. They sanitise surfaces and properly dispose of waste. A hygienic workplace reduces the frequency of absenteeism due to sickness. Sanitary workplace conditions are also conducive to mental wellness because employees appreciate efforts to protect their health and improve their daily lives

Increasing Productivity

A disorderly workplace is a dysfunctional workplace. A tidy office reduces stress and conflict. Only when employees are in a proper frame of mind can they work harmoniously and serve customers pleasantly. Housekeeping services in Bangalore pull out all the stops to ensure the workers are writing compelling content and coding attractive websites instead of tripping all over each other or wasting time dislodging chewing gum from the groves of their Oxfords.

Preventing Accidents

Face-planting in front of one’s colleagues definitely makes the top five in every employee’s list of most embarrassing situations. Chipped tiles, buckling carpets, and slippery floors are common tripping hazards. Thumb tacks, electrical wires, and glass shards also pose considerable risks. Conscientious housekeepers prevent embarrassment and chaos by preventing accidents. They detect and fix problems with floors, walls, and furniture to avoid dangerous mishaps.

Organising Furniture and Equipment

Housekeepers keep bullpens and boardrooms in impressive order. You won’t clock in at nine and see chairs in a scatter plot or computer cables in a hopeless tangle. As the first thing you see in your workplace sets your mood, housekeeping staff work diligently to spruce up the place. Seeing an office that is organised — in terms of layout and workflow — will impress clients and boost their confidence in the brand.

In Conclusion

Unicare assembles the finest housekeeping crews for corporates. They are courteous, well-spoken, and unobtrusive and know how to manage extensive areas, surfaces, resources, and time. They use only the best cleaning products and methods. If your company needs some sparkle and shine, visit our website or give us a call today.

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