Cleanliness is next to godliness.

You must have come across this phrase in workplaces and hospitals. This depicts how important it is to keep your work area clean. Regular dusting, wiping, and mopping are necessary to keep your second home hygienic. It boosts the workplace psychology of the employees and encourages them to remain calm and collected. But cleaning up the extended premises daily is a herculean task. It involves coordinated teamwork and peak organisation. Unicare Services promises you a dirtless office ambience with its dedicated team and strategic workforce planning.

Keep it Tidy

It definitely doesn’t feel good to work at a cluttered desk or freshen up in an unclean washroom. Unicare provides round-the-clock housekeeping services to make your office sparkle.

Workplace Cleaning

From the reception area to employee cubicles, every corner of your workplace is carefully swept, mopped, and disinfected. Your office entrance, doors, stairs, and elevators need special attention to make an impression on visitors. Our expert team carries out wet mopping, machine scrubbing, dusting, and cleans the fits and fixtures precisely. They devote special attention to air conditioning vents, restrooms, telephones and light fixtures while disinfecting the kitchen and lounge space.

Washroom Service

Team Unicare keeps a 24×7 eye on washroom cleansing. A healthy washroom environment is always our priority. Scrubbing the sinks and toilets, cleaning glass doors and mirrors, regularly emptying trash bins, wiping towel racks, and disinfecting floors and corners are some of the things we do best with your health in mind.

Healthcare Service

Hospitals are sensitive places that demand the utmost cleanliness and hygiene. Unicare always ensures its best services to maintain a healthy environment that rejuvenates the patients and staff. We are committed to involving our skilled team to serve the healthcare sector and keeping their premises pristine.

Industrial Cleaning

Factories mostly have a shabby look with oil, grease, dirt, and scraps littered all over the place. This is not what you’ll see with Unicare Services deployed. We perform regular floor cleaning, machine scrubbing, oil and grease removal, under-machinery wiping, glass cleaning, garbage removal and recycling, as well as cobweb removal from a 6-feet height. With our team, factories look neat, tidy, and organised. What’s more, the lifespan of your machinery is enhanced.

Cafeteria Cleaning

Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee or a quick bite of a burger? If the dining area is filthy, your guests—and even your employees—would probably steer clear of it. Unicare ensures you get a clean and sanitised cafeteria that tickles their appetite. The cooks and restaurant crew deserve a clean kitchen to serve their best food. We thoroughly clean the tables, floors, kitchen slabs, chimney, and cafe interior decor to offer diners an enticing place to eat.

Our Commitment

We don’t boast of the best housekeeping services in Bangalore. Our clients do. Unicare Services is always committed to providing you with an expert and diligent team who will understand your needs and offer you state-of-the-art services. Feel us, then believe in us.

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