Like diamonds marbles are timeless. They complement almost every style of the house whether it is modern or traditional. Marbles can be used in the kitchen, or the bathroom or as the flooring in your place.

Although marbles may look great, they can be quite hard maintenance. Marbles are extremely prone to staining and etching. They can also become yellow over time and lose their shine. In that case, you need to polish them again to bring back the shine. If you are looking for marble polishing in Chennai, you can avail the services of

Keep the acids away

Anything acidic should be kept away from the marble tops. The acidic element causes etching on the marbles as it reacts to the calcium carbonate within the marble stones.

This will cause scars on your marbles which will be hard to get rid of.

You need to keep tomato juice, alcohol and lemon juice away from the marble tops. These scars don’t look pretty and will cause your marble to look duller day by day.

Choose non-acidic cleaning agents

When it comes to Marble Polishing in Chennai experts recommend using non-acidic cleaning agents. People often make the mistake of using extremely harsh elements like bleach or even lemon juice for cleaning surfaces and removing stains.

Although these products are effective when it comes to removing stains they are not to be used on marble surfaces. Using these surfaces will cause more harm than good.

Experts recommend using mild soap and water. You can use a clean cloth to wipe off the surface or you can even use a sponge. Sponge and clothes are soft and hence they will not cause any etches on the surfaces.

Use a sealer spray

Many marbles users swear by the sealer spray when it comes to protecting their marble surfaces from stains. The sealer sprays act just like a barrier which stops the spills from penetrating the surface and causing stubborn stains.

You can use the sealer spray once or twice a month depending on how much you spill and whether you have kids or pets at your place.

Use liquid detergents

If you use marble in your kitchen like for example if you have marble countertops then you must know the pain of keeping your marbles looking all white and polished. Since you will be working with many greasy elements in the kitchen, it is likely that you are going to spill some of it on the marble tops no matter how careful you are.

Do not panic in that case, you can get the stain off using a mild liquid cleaner. If you do not have a liquid cleaner, you can also use a household detergent and clean the surface off with a cloth.

Ammonia works wonders

For organic stains like coffee, tea etc you can use a mixture of hydrogen and ammonia to get rid of the stains.

Be careful with a razor blade

Have you gotten some of the paint on your marbles? That’s nasty! You can use a lacquer thinner to get rid of it or better you can use a razor blade.

When you are using a razor blade, be very careful with it. You need to scrape the dry paint off the marbles without causing any etches on the surface.

If you are not up for the task, do not worry, you can always get one of the marble cleaning companies that offer marble polishing in Chennai.

Whether you are going for a honed marble or a polished marble, you cannot avoid etches and stains. Honed marbles are likely to etch less and stain more whereas polished marbles are likely to stainless and etch more.

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