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We are a one-stop-shop for all your Facility Management Service requirements! We strive to provide a safe, secure and hygienic workplace at all point of time with our dynamic approach and responsive attitude to your facility needs.

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We can get your company on the path to success with our dedicated professionals. We help you strategize, organize and globalize by duly performing front or back office duties and administrative functionalities flawlessly.

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In a rapidly changing world, it is crucial to stay alert to avoid the risk of threats and menaces. We think out of the box and enforce a 360 degree approach in layering our security service and control risk management efficiently.

Clean & Tidy! We Keep It All The Time !

We aim to create a healthy and clean workplace that your employees and customers would love to be in.

Safe & Secure Environment! We Let it Sustain

We are all about making your building / commercial living spaces fully functional technically cleaner, greener and better. We ensure you have a delightful maintenance always.

All Under One-roof. Avail It!

At Unicare, we add value to our customers’ organization by letting them concentrate on their core business competencies while we manage and deliver a top-notch Integrated Facility Management services across India, creating a win-win situation! With over 12 years of domain expertise and in-depth understanding of industry standards and practices, we provide a complete solution to cater to the growing needs of organization.

Our integrated service delivery model includes a wide range of services such as FMS, Housekeeping Services, Security Services, Property Management Services, Office Support Services, M&E Services, Pest Control Services, Disinfection Services and Customer Support.

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The ‘Unicare Services‘ is the one that can provide the best and secure experience to your private property. When you possess a villa or a luxurious compound, you should appoint the best security for its safety.

We deal with the finest service of Security Agencies in Hyderabad. You can get your required security within your facility from us. Our work for your safety is the primary concern. We love to offer our valuable services to every needy customer.

Now is the time to protect your compound with the best and top-most security agency. We can give you the Best Security Agencies in Hyderabad with an awesome experience.

Do You Need Excellency! Book Our Specialists

Our company is one of the best and well-recognized ones that deliver the finest Security Agency Specialists in Hyderabad. You will never regret availing of our service. Our job is very simple, i.e. keep your private compound safe and secure from outside threats.

We have certain duties and responsibilities to handle. That is why we have implemented certain strategies that can assist us in doing our work perfectly. We have the help from these strategies that we can find out what job is necessary during the right time.

We have prepared the list that can tell you the job that we do here. We do all our jobs and schedule our upcoming works as per the same list. The list is given below:

#1. Enforce laws

We have the primary responsibility to handle that means enforce laws and the safety assessment. Regulating all security of the entire infrastructure is our sole purpose. We have designed the patrolling schedule to ensure safety.

Each schedule helps to avoid the violence of the rules. Our staves work as a unit to provide the best experience to the clients. This is the reason why we finish at the top-list of the finest Security Agencies in Hyderabad.

#2. Immediate Response

We always respond to all types of important incidents that may raise problems for the security of the entire perimeter. We deal with a quicker response and handle all the things calmly. We always support our clients that’s why we are the Best Security Agencies in Hyderabad.

We do all these things to ensure that people that live in the building are always safe. We are always adoit at handling any type of issues either secondary or primary, and our concern is to contact the police when we notice that the situation has turned into the worst one.

#3. Monitoring CCTV cameras

We can also operate different regions of the building with the help of CCTV cameras. They can add the best deal and benefit for our security boys. Security cameras work as the finest option for us. They have made our jobs much easier.

The best Security Agencies in Hyderabad are at your doorstep. You can contact us to get all types of primary services. We can also operate your entire building via CCTV camera setups. Our staves can handle the installation and operation of this modern technology.

#4. Frequent Round up on the premises

We know the job well and know how to handle it. We have appointed some of the most top-notch boys. This makes us the top-most Security Agency Specialists in Hyderabad. Our staves are experienced enough to eliminate minor threats.

We also do regular patrolling that enhances the security of the premises. If we find something unusual, we will not step behind to report them to our higher authority or to the police. We do not allow raising any security threat within the premises.

#5. Reporting of Incidents

Our boys are always ready to report any threat before it is getting much worse. We can terminate a huge threat to the minor one. We do not allow any threat that may cause some serious problem to the premises later.

We have developed a lot of tasks that enhance the security of the entire infrastructure. All of our boys can handle some of the minor troubles and report them immediately to our superior security manager.

We can eliminate threats by working together. We have the best team spirit. Our company staffs are very friendly and possess a lot of good qualities. They can know the best deal for the security of the entire property.

Protect Your Home and Business with Unicare, One of the Top Security Agencies in Hyderabad

Constant vigilance is required in today’s ever-evolving global environment due to the prevalence of potential dangers. We must recognize the risk of not having a security system in light of the rising threats, crime rates, and thefts. Unicare Services is unparalleled among security agencies in Hyderabad in terms of efficiency and affordability. The Unicare team has been known as one of the most dependable and trustworthy security firms in the area because of our dedication to excellence and emphasis on client satisfaction. We provide security services to homes and companies in the Hyderabad area, and those services are extensive. The organization has the know-how and resources to provide individualized security solutions that meet each customer’s needs, whether manned guarding, event security, CCTV surveillance, or access control systems.

Our solutions are flexible enough to fulfill the needs of everybody, from blue-collar workers in a factory to CEOs of multinational corporations. Unicare is a reliable facility service provider because we only send out employees who have undergone extensive training in various areas, including safety procedures, physical fitness, and crisis management.

Different Security Services Offered By Unicare

Office Security: Our devoted security staff will keep your workplace safe from intruders and other dangers so that your workers may focus on their jobs without worrying.

Factory Security: Our expert team provides complete security solutions to protect your business from theft and vandalism while keeping production running smoothly.

CCTV Surveillance: Our state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance systems offer 24-hour monitoring, boosting the safety of your property and allowing for a quick response to any suspicious actions.

Fire Fighting: We practice fire drills often and put in place fire safety measures to save lives and property in the event of a fire.

Safety & Security Drill: We perform safety and security exercises to prepare your personnel for crises, ensuring everyone learns how to respond to different threats.

Unicare’s Hyderabad Security Guard Service Highlights

Swift Reaction

Unicare Security personnel constantly look for suspicious behavior. They react swiftly when they suspect danger. Guards can rapidly assess the situation and make a decision.

Ability to Make Sound Choices

The security guards on the Unicare team have the authority to determine the nature, scope, and appropriate response to any potential illegal danger.

Collaborative and helpful

Unicare’s security officers are experts in the field of security. Professionalism requires adhering to established norms and procedures within a certain field.

Why is Unicare a One-Stop Solution for Security Services?

Among top security agencies in Hyderabad, Unicare Services stands head and shoulders above the competition. Our dedication to quality has helped us become known as one of the most reputable security firms in the area. With our wide variety of security services, including guard patrols, event security, video monitoring, and access control, we can tailor our offerings to meet the specific needs of our customers. Unicare Services is the go-to security service provider for companies and homes in Hyderabad, thanks to their highly qualified and experienced security people who can provide comprehensive security solutions customized to fit individual requirements. If you require security services, go no further than Unicare, where you can rest assured that they will be handled expertly and professionally.

You can easily schedule our security services using our booking form or call +91 9677088231, +91 9884829137, or +91 9884829184 for a responsive answer.


Write to us at: sales@unicareservices.in

Teams of guards are on duty at all times. Hyderabad’s security personnel are well-versed in both leading and following commands. If everyone sticks to this policy, the team can perform effectively.


What are the charges for hiring security services in Hyderabad?

You can hire security guards on a monthly basis or for a specific period of the term. It depends on the duration the security guard is hired for. 

How do you schedule a security guard?

A Security Guard’s daily schedule depends on what site you are at. Some schedules are part-time, full-time, or on-call, and some are 4-hour shifts, 8 hours shifts, 12 hours shifts, rotating shifts, and continental shifts. 

How do security guards stay awake?

-intake caffeine/mint to stay fresh

-establish a routine, take a walk every half an hour/to an hour

-supplement enough water

-use blue bulbs in the office to prevent falling asleep

What powers do security guards have?
  1. Can perform a citizen’s arrest
  2. Jurisdiction on private property
  3. Use force/weapons
  4. Search
Can a security guard use handcuffs?

Security guards are permitted to carry handcuffs and then use them to perform a citizen’s arrest when required. It is suggested that they have the proper training before using them while on the job.

What are the roles of security services?

Security services play crucial roles in safeguarding people, property, and assets by providing surveillance, access control, emergency response, and risk management to prevent theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access while ensuring a safe and secure environment. At Unicare Services, we provide workplace safety, security, fire prevention, and CCTV monitoring expertise.

How do closed-circuit televisions provide safety?

Closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs) enhance safety by providing continuous surveillance and monitoring of areas, helping to deter and detect criminal activity, maintaining security in public spaces, and improving emergency response times by capturing real-time footage of incidents.

What are the different types of security services?

Unicare Services offers a wide range of security-related options, including but not limited to office security, industrial security, CCTV surveillance, fire protection, and safety and security drills.

What sets Unicare security apart from the competition?

The Unicare brand offers comprehensive security solutions. We will never endanger your company in any way.

How do security firms manage monitoring and surveillance using closed-circuit television?

Security agencies in Hyderabad, like Unicare Services, use high-tech CCTV cameras to monitor on behalf of their clients round the clock. Security is maintained, and trained staff handles any questionable activity quickly.

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