Security Guard services are essential in every sector of society. The main aim of this mission is to make the neighborhood safer. Here at Unicare Services, we provide the essential tools people can use to protect them and protect their loved ones from any harm.

Security Guard

He is the one who patrols the whole area and inspects the area for any misshapen like, theft, vandalism, and any sort of illegal activity. 

These security guards of the Security Services in Chennai monitor the people and the apartments, buildings to prevent any type of misshapen and prevent crime. 

Functioning of the security guard in Security Guard Services

  • They typically perform the following functions to provide security in an area- 
  • They protect their owner’s property and also enforce the law on their owner’s property.
  • They monitor the alarms and the security cameras all the time. 
  • They control the access of various people such as the visitors and outsides contractors to the employer’s property.
  • They do check the security system and conducts security checks in an area 
  • After inspection, they write and submit the comprehensive reports which they observe during the patrolling.
  • They also interview the witness for the court testimonial.
  • Lastly, they detain the culprit for the crime. 

Role of a security guard in different Security Guard Services

The job and responsibility of each security guard vary from place to place and the employer who hires them- 

  • Retails stores– Here, the security guard protects the people. They also protect the store, merchandise, equipment, and money. Some of these security guards work with the undercover detective. 

By this, they protect the retail store from any type of theft caused by the employers or customers. They also serve the police role in the absence of. They detain the suspect until polices arrive at the crime spot. 

  • In commercial places like offices, banks, hospitals, hotels– they maintain order and discipline. They protect the staff of the company, customers, and their property. In banks, they are specially armed to reduce the risk and the possibility of any misshapen that may take place, 
  • Museums and art galleries– Security Services in Chennai also deploys security guards in museums and art galleries. They protect the exhibition and paintings and keep an eye on the packages that enter or leave the museum. A thorough inspection is done before leaving the museum. 
  • Bars and nightclubs– security guards in these places are called bouncers. They avoid underage people entering the bar. They collect the ticket/cover charges at the outer premises and try to maintain order and discipline in the nightclubs. 
  • Sports stadiums, universities, and parks– where they control the crowd, supervise the seating and parking and directs the traffic to avoid any traffic jam. 
  • Factory, military bases, and government buildings– Unicare service always provides the best and fit security guards for these places. As these places are highly classified, and their information is very much valuable. 

Security guards present over here protects all the secret information and products. They check all the credentials of the people and the vehicles that enter and leave the premises. 

 Unicare Threat solutions 

At Unicare services, we mainly focus on giving the knowledge necessary to safeguard yourself, your family, and your business from any harm. Guards hired by our service facilities are well trained for every worst possibility. 

They always remain alert and always look for anything suspicious and extraordinary throughout their shift.

They try to handle all types of situations, and if they found any emergency, they call the police for further help. Depending on the situation and need, they call the police, ambulance, or fire service. We also provide arms to specific security guards. 

 We are always happy to serve you. Our Security Guard Services always helps the customer to upgrade their security guard coverage. At our Security Services in Chennai, we always provide licensed and fit and fine security guards. 

You can ask for armed or unarmed security guards depending on your workplace and need. We also render off-duty police and law enforcement officers. 

You will get this facility both for temporary and permanent basics. We have highly qualified guards who are ready to serve in Chennai. 

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