Usually, companies hire Security Agencies in Chennai to reduce the possibility of theft or break-ins at the worksite. Security officials are hired to make sure there are no suspicious activities going on around the site. But other than this security officials can also help to enforce your company policies on your employees.

Not convinced yet? Here are 6 ways security
Security Guard Services in Chennai helps improve policy compliance.

  1. 24/7 Video Camera SurveillanceOne of the key duties of the security team is to monitor everyone on camera to make sure that no-one is doing anything that violates the company policies. Usually when there are fewer people around it gets harder to monitor so many heads, like for example night shifts and weekend shifts usually do not have too many people working. During this time the surveillance cameras help.

    If you suspect your employees slacking around, not particularly doing their job then all you need is to take a quick look at the recorded videos the cameras capture to determine whether your suspicions were right or wrong. The cameras make your employees conscious and keep them on their toes.

  2. Security Awareness Security officials can help spread security awareness. Companies see a lot of individuals coming in and out during the day. These visitors will not be aware of the company policies, the security officials can help make sure that they abide by the rules while they spread security awareness among the employees at work.

    So if you are facing a similar situation currently with employees not caring about the company’s policy, you can take help from security agencies. The professionals can guide you regarding what can be done in the current situation to make the visitors and employees conform to the company’s policies.

  3. Company Rules Compliance When a colleague nags you to use your access card every time, you will not pay much attention to him. Instead, you might even become annoyed. But when a uniformed official tells you to mind the company rules, you are bound to listen to him.

    People react differently to uniforms. They are bound to pay more attention to one wearing a uniform than to a layman. The uniform lends authority to the individual. So half of your problem at the worksite will be solved if you have a uniformed official putting everyone in line.

  4. Protection of Sensitive Footage The security cameras record 24 hours a day, so it is obvious that there is going to be a lot of footage. This will take up a lot of space on your hard drive. Security officials need to constantly delete the hours of footage to save space and deleting such a huge number of files can be extremely time-consuming.

    Also if these footages fall into the hands of the wrong individuals, one can put it to the wrong uses. Apart from the videos, you need to dispose of unused or corrupt hard drives because HDD tends to contain a lot of sensitive information. Attackers can find various ways to extract information from these drives.

  5. Setting Penalties Employees and visitors are not going to comply with the rules of the company unless and until there are penalties involved. This is human nature, one has no regard for the rules of an institution unless they have a price to pay for violating them. Several employees may find it harsh, but it is the best way to maintain decorum in the company.

    Security officials will be able to help you with the penalties. They will be able to come up with different penalties that are suitable for flouting various rules in the company. These penalties can range from suspension to fines.

  6. Investment and Upgradation of Security EquipmentUpdate the locks in your company building. Your security team will advise you to install digital locks and get access cards for your employees. For sensitive areas in the building, install retina scans and fingerprint scans.

    Upgrade the security cameras in the building and the security system in general so that it can sense danger and trigger sirens or alarms to alert the security team.

    Whether you need uniformed officials to stand guard and enforce company rules or you just want to create a safe work environment, security services in Chennai can help.

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