The coronavirus has threatened the world a shutdown of different industries worldwide. What was a necessity for us yesterday became our luxury overnight. The pandemic heroes have brought food to our table not bothering about the real crisis. Indelible!

Organizations all over the world have faced troubles in working collaboratively. But now, coping up with the new normal is the only choice that everyone has.

A profound facility management service involves a lot of practices that this blog will tell you.

Why Do Organizations Need Facility Management During a Pandemic?

Offices and commercial places can get contaminated very easily. There is no chance of keeping a distance at your busiest hour when everyone is in a rush to be at their desk on time. Especially in cities like Chennai, the humid weather can make the offices feel even more congested.

Thanks to the top facility management companies in Chennai to come up with several safety measures for office premises.

The purpose of a facility management company during this worldwide pandemic is to make sure proper safety measures are put in place around the compound and followed by employees on a regular basis. For example, there should be sanitizing machines, preferably zero-contact, in the elevator area. Employees will have to use the device before and after boarding the elevator.

Though the time spent on elevators is minimum, adhering to the safest measures can help you go to work the next day fearlessly.

The Facility management services in Chennai are inventing many such protocols that will help Indians feel safer about their transition back to work in the new way of life.

What are the systems of Facility management services in Chennai?

The office maintenance of every organization is working day and night to adapt to new safety technologies so that the system can run smoothly. Technology and caution can make your everyday visit to workplace safer with low body contact with the steel walls.
Proper ventilation, deep cleaning, improving air quality and filtration, surface sanitization, etc. are some of what the top facility management companies in Chennai are looking at.

Unicare Services is one of the companies you can trust for your workplace safety. Their services go through several analytical surveys of an organization to provide in-depth safety solutions.

How Do Facility Management Services in Chennai Respond to Post-Pandemic Office Safety?

India is taking the global pandemic very seriously. At this moment, sensitivity and cautiousness towards proper hygiene is the first preference. Business organizations consist of a larger number of employees under the same roof. Hence, working in the post-pandemic era, higher organizations are taking precautionary safety measures.

  • Frequent cleaning and spraying disinfectants on elevator buttons, office desks, walls, floors, and toilets throughout the day.
  • Keeping track and cleaning the surface which is touched repeatedly in a day.
  • The Unicare Facility Management Services in Chennai is keeping an eye on the number of people entering the office at a time.
  • Provide sanitary tissues or wipes to the employees while they exit the elevator every time.
  • Marking positions on the elevator floor to identify where you should stand.

These are some of the healthy measures that the top facility management companies in Chennai are looking forward to.

Here are some other methods of how the overall security of the office spaces in Chennai is improving on the verge of the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Touchless Technology
    Some devices work with sensors. There is no need of touching their surface frequently at the time of entry or exit. Such touchless technology can avoid contamination inside the elevator.
  • Antimicrobials and UV
    One of the most amazing structures is the handrail sanitization. It has inbuilt microbes that can kill microorganisms or inhibit them from spreading. The UV devices work similarly. It consists of a germicidal UVC ray that irradiates the handrails within a shorter distance. It directly destroys the bacteria from their genetic structures thereby preventing their rapid spread. But the implementation of this technology in India is doubtable.
  • Cleaning the surface regularly
    High contact services like elevator buttons are the simplest way of contamination. Cleaning the buttons frequently is one of the most crucial things to consider for elevator safety. Besides that, the Facility Management Services in Chennai is using air disinfectant inside the elevators at every hour.


The only way to defeat the virus from spreading is to maintain proper hygiene. There is no doubt that the best Facility Management Services in Chennai are developing their best prevention methods overall.
Cooperating with them is in our hands. Cleaning your hands often with soap and water or sanitizing them in the frequency interval is the best way you can prevent the virus from spreading.

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