The all new epidemic pandemonium is growing all over world at a rapid rate. In response to outbreak of new Coronavirus researches and scientists declare that although the primary cause for evolution of the disease is unclear but the available evidence allows them to suggest that it typically causes mild symptoms: fever, dry cough and, in some cases, runny nose, vomiting or diarrhea. People with compromised immune systems, heart or lung problems, or diabetes may be at higher risk for more serious problems from Covid-19.

With increase in number of victims of Covid-19 across the country it is advised by ministry of health that conducting oneself with hygiene practises can help to keep away from virus. Sanitizing your hand or washing with soap thoroughly for nearly 20 seconds protects from being susceptible to risks. Also, sharing handshakes, touching of eyes, nose or face with soiled hands is not advisable. Using a tissue during cough or sneeze is a best-practise to avoid the spread of disease.

At Unicare, the safety of our customers, employees, partner associates has always been a matter of top priority for us – now more than ever before. In that view, we are pursuing high standards for safety and organizing periodic checks of best practises of respiratory hygiene and improve the frequency of washing hands across all our staff members to ensure we keep up to a safe, secure and healthy environment.

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